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Ow shiit im alive

2011-06-04 09:23:46 by hellhound2

I'm alive. though no really cares, im starting flash again and hopefully I dont suck at it too much just like what, 3? 4 years ago? eh i dunno, maybe I grew up and suck less now.

(GAME)Faust Moonlight:update

2008-05-04 23:20:10 by hellhound2

i am near to completing phase 1 of my game in which Xerohex will help me through.. here's a screenshot of the upcoming game... i don't like uploading beta stages no more so i thought maybe people here can see this first and do some comments before i release the game.and also.. included in the game is the "tag" system that i myself(or unless someone else already made a flash game with this kind of option)invented.(its just a nifty goto and stop other commands)

(GAME)Faust Moonlight:update

new game

2008-04-09 03:22:01 by hellhound2

hmm... i've been out for a while and now i'm back to bring you a FAR more better rpg battle system game than before...its related to my previous holloween movie about a bountyhunter (or maybe a demonslayer?) out to defeat the greatest of evil...well anyways... hope that my pm friend Xerohex is still here cause im gonna co-author him if he wants to cause his previous comments for my previously deleted game(by mistake) helped me a lot in this one... well thats all..and for the people who hate me... you better watch this out..


2007-11-15 03:31:38 by hellhound2

im now working on a project wich will take some loooooooooooongf time cause intrams is coming..(yep im now another collection added to those fortunate below aged people or "kids" in NG)


2007-10-25 06:54:32 by hellhound2

making a christmas sub..its short(hoping to make it longer) with X-Saber on my back and jaketheclonetrooper too. but i think he's quite busy in studying.and i'm making this sub a comedy for a change. that's it and hope i hope that this icon tut they made will help with my icon making stuff. i'm stuck with one icon until i get to fix my problems in making that's all until december..that's when i make the new year sub..but gotta be hasty! im speeding up so the next subs will have a longer runtime.(i wonder why nobody reviewed on my holloween sub...)

weee!!! i think

2007-10-23 05:11:00 by hellhound2

submitted the holloween flash that i was telling these guys.and still i got too quick(damnit i had 1 more week to make it longer man!) well it has one problem.but that shouldn't stop some guy with no life right?


2007-10-18 06:39:07 by hellhound2

im rushing up holloween submission although i still have a 2 or 1 week to go.and the parents has been talking about cutting internet cause we couldn't pay the month's broadband bills...hear from me 2 weeks later or so.


2007-09-23 03:40:33 by hellhound2

damn.. i wish i could speed up my animation week left till happy madness day submission dosen't really look that bloody.. so i'll send it for holloween includes zombies so that's holloween-y enough right?